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Why Blue INK

Dedicated to defending the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from cyber threats and helping to navigate the complex world of cyber insurance, we are on a mission to build a purpose-driven company with simple, effective, affordable solutions. We Prevent Breaches.


Why Blue?

Our founders met while working together at another cybersecurity firm focused predominantly on responding to cyber incidents and witnessed first-hand the damaging after-effects of breaches. They knew there was a better way to protect small and medium enterprises and to prevent breaches from happening in the first place. 

  • After decades in the industry, we have the experience to make a major impact.

  • We have seen the extremes, but usually it is the simple, preventable that make the difference.

  • We are passionate about helping first, building a business second.

  • We understand cyber risk and how cyber insurance is an integral part of managing it.

"Blue" is a common cybersecurity vernacular for defending, protecting, and preventing bad things. 

Our Values.








Team of dedicated, high-integrity professionals.

Founded by cyber security and cyber insurance veterans on a mission to make SMEs safer. It starts with building a team of dedicated, high-integrity professionals singularly focused on protecting our clients' assets. 

What differentiates us is our skills, experience and attitude.

Make it simple, affordable, and remove the F.U.D.

Security is essential as is cyber insurance. We strive to make things simple and affordable by removing complexity, jargon, and F.U.D. (fear, uncertainty and doubt) by radically simplifying the problem, the solutions and the way we engage with our clients.

We offer complete transparency about the pricing of our solutions for easy predictability and budgeting.

Knowledge and experience lead to effective solutions.

Knowledge of the underlying problem and knowledge of the most effective solution helps us share unprecedented visibility to your Attack Surface. Know exactly which Threats you are susceptible to and which Threats you are mitigating with clarity about which Security Control gaps have the highest risk exposure. 

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