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Each week we compile an advisory on the latest threats, trends and newsworthy topics from the cyber security industry affecting small and medium enterprises. Join our subscribers below and help us prevent cybersecurity breaches.


Issue #40 - April 10, 2023

Suspected Apple iOS Zero-Day Used to Spread 'Reign' Spyware

Source: Info Risk Today

A low-profile Israeli advanced spyware firm used a suspected zero-day to surveil the lives of journalists, political opposition figures and a nongovernmental organization worker across multiple continents, say researchers from the Citizen Lab and Microsoft.

Proposed Health IT Certification Rules Target AI, Privacy

Source: Data Breach Today

Federal regulators have proposed new rules aimed at securing certified healthcare software products, helping patients decide which records to keep private, and protecting data used by AI and predictive tools. The hefty, 556-page Department of Health and Human Services proposed rule seeks to promote innovation and data sharing while tightening security and privacy.

FBI warns of cybercriminals posing as PRC to target Chinese communities

Source: The Record

Cybercriminals posing as members of China’s government are targeting Chinese nationals based in the United States, according to a new advisory from the FBI. The law enforcement agency said the scammers are posing as law enforcement officers or prosecutors from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in an effort to defraud people.

US Trauma Centers Hit by KillNet's Recent DDoS Barrage

Source: Data Breach Today

Most of the healthcare organizations hit by distributed denial-of-service attacks by pro-Russia hacktivists in January have one or more level 1 trauma centers, indicating that the attackers aimed to disrupt care for the most critically ill and injured patients, according to a new government report warning of the ongoing and evolving threats.

North Korean hackers linked to 3CX supply-chain attack, investigation finds

Source: The Record

Enterprise phone company 3CX said on Tuesday that a recent supply-chain attack on its network — which was used by hackers to attempt to install malware on clients’ desktops — was very likely conducted by a group connected to North Korea.



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