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Insider Threat

Insider threat is the risk of someone inside the company inflicting harm or damaging the integrity, confidentiality, or availability of the company, its data, systems, or personnel through malicious, complacent, or unintentional acts.

Look for Early Indicators.
  • Unauthorized access - Employees accessing data they don't need or accessing sensitive data outside of work hours could indicate a potential insider threat.

  • Data exfiltration - Large amounts of data being transferred or copied, especially to an external device..

  • Unauthorized software installation -Installation of unauthorized software may be a potential insider threat.

Insider threats can fall into many categories, including but not limited to espionage, hacktivism, unauthorized disclosure, corruption and criminal activity, sabotage or service interruption.

Insider threats can be particularly detrimental to small and medium sized businesses. Employees in this environment are inherently trusted and have a broader scope of responsibilities, often lacking safeguards and oversight present in large organizations.

The impact of insider threat is wide-ranging when confidential or business critical data walks out and finds a new home with a competitor or worse. Understanding the risks of insider threat is an essential step in preventing data breaches.


Prevent Insider Threat.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds additional protection to a  traditional password login. It is one of the most critical  security controls to prevent unauthorized access. Partner with Blue INK Security to implement MFA on all your business-critical systems and services. 


Access control alone is not sufficient to protect business critical data. Segmenting networks into zones or virtual networks with restricted access offers better protection. Partner with Blue INK Security to limit access and deploy robust controls over your business critical resources.


Only privileged users should have access to private and sensitive resources. Privileged Access enables better password management, control, visibility, and compliance with regulations. Partner with Blue INK Security to deploy robust privileged access management. 


Inability to identify and to report suspicious activity is one of the leading causes of cyber breaches. Security awareness training can be effective in preventing and mitigating user risks. Partner with Blue INK Security to develop an awareness training program for your organization that works.


Speed is absolutely paramount when responding to a cyber incident. Having an IR retainer in place eliminates the stress and provides access to other valuable resources. Partner with Blue INK Security to better plan for a possible incident or a damaging data breach. 


Detecting and responding to a cyber threat at your endpoints is impossible without a 24 x 7 solution that monitors your environment. EDR is a sophisticated set of tools able to detect and respond to threats based on defined (rules) and learned (ML) threat patterns in real-time. 


Business Email Compromise (BEC) is one of the most expensive cyber threats today costing organizations on average $500k. Email filtering scans all inbound and outbound email traffic and prevents phishing and blocks vulnerable links. Partner with Blue INK Security to implement Email Filtering to eliminate malicious content from your Inbox.  

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