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Malware is a term used to describe a malicious application used by threat actors to compromise, modify, damage, or destroy applications, data, systems and entire environments. Ransomware is a type of malware designed to block access to computer systems or files until a ransom is paid. 

Look for Early Indicators.
  • Suspicious emails - Emails with suspicious links or attachments, which may be used to spread ransomware.

  • Unusual network activity - An increase in network traffic or unusual patterns may be a ransomware attack.

  • Unexpected system behavior - Ransomware can cause freezes, crashes, or slow performance, so investigate any unusual activity.

  • Unauthorized software installations - Monitor software installations and updates, as ransomware can install itself or other malware without the user's knowledge.

Ransomware is one of the most widely publicized types of malware, whereby threat actors will extort payment from their victims by offering decryption tools and keys that will reverse the effects of the ransomware. Data compromise and modification are often used by threat actors in conjunction with ransomware in order to further extort and apply pressure for payment. With the increase in ransom demands, cyber insurance applications are keenly focused on evaluating the risks of a ransomware attack.

A ransomware attack places enormous stress on any organization, but especially small and medium sized businesses that may not have up-to-date backups of all critical data or available IT resources to immediately address the incident and begin restoring compromised systems.


Prevent Ransomware.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds additional protection to a  traditional password login. It is one of the most critical  security controls to prevent unauthorized access. Partner with Blue INK Security to implement MFA on all your business-critical systems and services. 


Access control alone is not sufficient to protect business critical data. Segmenting networks into zones or virtual networks with restricted access offers better protection. Partner with Blue INK Security to limit access and deploy robust controls over your business critical resources.


Only privileged users should have access to private and sensitive resources. Privileged Access enables better password management, control, visibility, and compliance with regulations. Partner with Blue INK Security to deploy robust privileged access management. 


Inability to identify and to report suspicious activity is one of the leading causes of cyber breaches. Security awareness training can be effective in preventing and mitigating user risks. Partner with Blue INK Security to develop an awareness training program for your organization that works.


Speed is absolutely paramount when responding to a cyber incident. Having an IR retainer in place eliminates the stress and provides access to other valuable resources. Partner with Blue INK Security to better plan for a possible incident or a damaging data breach. 


Having access to secure, reliable backups following an incident can help avoid paying a costly ransom. Average ransom payment was up 71% in 2022 approaching $1 million. By partnering with Blue INK Security, you can rest assured your critical data is safe and recoverable when needed.


Detecting and responding to a cyber threat at your endpoints is impossible without a 24 x 7 solution that monitors your environment. EDR is a sophisticated set of tools able to detect and respond to threats based on defined (rules) and learned (ML) threat patterns in real-time. 


Most system vulnerabilities are the result of out-of-date or unpatched systems with exploits openly available for months. It takes significant effort and planning to keep your assets updated at all times. Partner with Blue INK security to help you keep your systems current and protected.


Business Email Compromise (BEC) is one of the most expensive cyber threats today costing organizations on average $500k. Email filtering scans all inbound and outbound email traffic and prevents phishing and blocks vulnerable links. Partner with Blue INK Security to implement Email Filtering to eliminate malicious content from your Inbox.  

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