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Phishing and Email

Phishing is a highly pervasive threat where attackers make contact by email, phone, or text, impersonating a legitimate source to lure individuals into revealing sensitive information such as personally identifiable information (PII), banking or credit card details, and passwords.

Look for Early Indicators.
  • Suspicious sender - Check for unknown or suspicious senders.

  • Unexpected or urgent requests - Be wary of requests for personal information or login credentials that are urgent or unexpected.

  • Poor grammar and spelling - Look for poor grammar and spelling errors in the email.

  • Suspicious links or attachments - Be cautious of links or attachments that seem unusual or unexpected.

Using some personal information, threat actors can immediately perpetrate other types of attacks such as Email Compromise, where the attacker gains access to (and potentially control over) a targeted email account. Once in control of the account, the attacker may have access to additional data with new compromise opportunities, or the account itself can be leveraged to perform further attacks against other individuals, or institutions.

Small and medium sized businesses operating without significant cash reserves could find their primary bank accounts emptied without warning all as a result of one employee’s email account being successfully compromised.


Prevent Phishing and Email Compromise.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds additional protection to a  traditional password login. It is one of the most critical  security controls to prevent unauthorized access. Partner with Blue INK Security to implement MFA on all your business-critical systems and services. 


Only privileged users should have access to private and sensitive resources. Privileged Access enables better password management, control, visibility, and compliance with regulations. Partner with Blue INK Security to deploy robust privileged access management. 


Inability to identify and to report suspicious activity is one of the leading causes of cyber breaches. Security awareness training can be effective in preventing and mitigating user risks. Partner with Blue INK Security to develop an awareness training program for your organization that works.


Speed is absolutely paramount when responding to a cyber incident. Having an IR retainer in place eliminates the stress and provides access to other valuable resources. Partner with Blue INK Security to better plan for a possible incident or a damaging data breach. 


Testing the vulnerability of your attack surface is crucial to understanding the effectiveness of security controls and to learning how to handle a possible breach by a threat actor. Partner with Blue INK Security for penetration testing in a controlled, improvement-focused environment. 


Business Email Compromise (BEC) is one of the most expensive cyber threats today costing organizations on average $500k. Email filtering scans all inbound and outbound email traffic and prevents phishing and blocks vulnerable links. Partner with Blue INK Security to implement Email Filtering to eliminate malicious content from your Inbox.  

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