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Payment Card

Payment card compromise is an attack where threat actors compromise systems that collect, process, or facilitate the processing of credit card or payment information. Often targeting e-commerce websites, threat actors inject malicious code to capture payment card information. 

Look for Early Indicators.
  • Unauthorized transactions - Unexplained, small transactions on statements can be a sign of compromise.

  • Unusual payment card activity - Changes in activity patterns or unusual transactions can indicate a payment card compromise.

  • Alerts from payment card networks - Suspicious or unusual activity alerts from payment card networks should be investigated promptly.

  • Point-of-sale system issues - System errors, slow processing times, or unusual error messages.

Physical retail store locations, ATM’s and other card reader systems are not immune to these attacks as financially motivated threat actors deploy malware into environments where credit card data is collected, processed, or transmitted. In some cases, they deploy physical devices designed to slip on top of the credit card reader or inside the reader device to intercept the credit card data while shoppers believe they are just paying for their goods. Payment card compromise is particularly damaging to small and medium sized businesses relying on credit card transactions. 

Payment card compromise can have a severe impact on small and medium sized businesses and their customers, including financial losses, reputational damage, and increasing the risk of identity theft.


Prevent Payment Card Compromise.


Access control alone is not sufficient to protect business critical data. Segmenting networks into zones or virtual networks with restricted access offers better protection. Partner with Blue INK Security to limit access and deploy robust controls over your business critical resources.


Speed is absolutely paramount when responding to a cyber incident. Having an IR retainer in place eliminates the stress and provides access to other valuable resources. Partner with Blue INK Security to better plan for a possible incident or a damaging data breach. 


Detecting and responding to a cyber threat at your endpoints is impossible without a 24 x 7 solution that monitors your environment. EDR is a sophisticated set of tools able to detect and respond to threats based on defined (rules) and learned (ML) threat patterns in real-time. 


Most system vulnerabilities are the result of out-of-date or unpatched systems with exploits openly available for months. It takes significant effort and planning to keep your assets updated at all times. Partner with Blue INK security to help you keep your systems current and protected.


Testing the vulnerability of your attack surface is crucial to understanding the effectiveness of security controls and to learning how to handle a possible breach by a threat actor. Partner with Blue INK Security for penetration testing in a controlled, improvement-focused environment. 

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