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Issue #48 - June 5, 2023

Clop Ransomware Gang Asserts It Hacked MOVEit Instances

Source: Data Breach Today

The Clop ransomware-as-a-service gang said it is the actor behind a spate of hacks taking advantage of a vulnerability in Progress Software's MOVEit managed file transfer application. Clop said on its dark web leak site, in all caps, that it has used the MOVEit flaw to download information from hundreds of companies. "We download alot of your data as part of exceptional exploit. We are the only one who perform such attack and relax because your data is safe," the Russian-speaking criminal gang wrote in a misspelled post.

The City of Dallas, Over a Month After A Ransomware Attack, is Still not at Full Functionality

Source: OODALoop

Amidst all the headlines and uncertainty, a story you do not want to miss is that of a major American municipality struggling to get back on its feet for an entire month after a ransomware attack in early May. Following is the chronology of the cyber incident in Dallas – attributed to the Royal Ransomware Group – as reported by The Record and The City of Dallas.

Suspected Nation-State Actors Target US Aerospace Industry

Source: Data Breach Today

Suspected nation-state hackers are using malware that researchers say straddles the line between off-the-shelf and advanced tactics in order to target the U.S. aerospace industry. The malware is a PowerShell and Windows Management Instrumentation remote access tool that uses a network-level internet protocol typically used for error reporting as a trigger for the command-and-control server, said researchers from Adlumin.

Critical Vulnerabilities Detected in D-Link Network Device Management Platform

Source: The Cyber Express

Multiple D-Link vulnerabilities were identified, potentially allowing malicious actors to circumvent security measures, elevate privileges, and execute unauthorized code.

Hospital Worker Sentenced for HIPAA Crimes in ID Theft Scam

Source: Data Breach Today

A former employee of an Arizona hospital received a 54-month prison sentence and an order to pay restitution after pleading guilty to criminal HIPAA violations committed as part of his participation in an identity theft scam.



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