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Each week we compile an advisory on the latest threats, trends and newsworthy topics from the cyber security industry affecting small and medium enterprises. Join our subscribers below and help us prevent cybersecurity breaches.


Issue #66 - October 9, 2023

McLaren Health Care Facing 3 Lawsuits in Ransomware Hack

Source: Info Risk Today

A recent attack by a Russian ransomware-as-a-service group that stole the personal information of 2.5 million patients of McLaren Health Care has triggered at least three proposed federal class action lawsuits in recent days, claiming the healthcare company failed to protect patient privacy.

Cybercriminals Using EvilProxy Phishing Kit to Target Senior Executives in U.S. Firms

Source: The Hacker News

Senior executives working in U.S.-based organizations are being targeted by a new phishing campaign that leverages a popular adversary-in-the-middle (AiTM) phishing toolkit named EvilProxy to conduct credential harvesting and account takeover attacks.

Chinese Criminals Backdoor Android Devices for Ad Fraud

Source: Data Breach Today

Tens of thousands of knock-off Android products manufactured in China including TV streaming boxes reached consumers infected with malware, said cybersecurity researchers. Human Security in a Wednesday report said it uncovered a related operation that earned millions per month in an online advertising fraud scheme.

23andMe Cyberbreach Exposes DNA Data, Potential Family Ties

Source: Dark Reading

The information leaked in the breach involves personally identifiable information as well as genetic ancestry data, potential relatives, and geolocations. 23andMe, the popular DNA testing company, has launched an investigation after client information was listed for sale on a cybercrime forum this week.

MGM Resorts Expects $100 Million Loss From Hack Attack

Source: Data Breach Today

Cyber Insurance Expected to Cover Lost Revenue Plus $10 Million in Mitigation Costs. Hotel and casino giant MGM Resorts said the recent hack attack against it cost $110 million in lost revenue and mitigation expenses. The publicly traded company expects to recoup losses and costs to date via cyber insurance.



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