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Each week we compile an advisory on the latest threats, trends and newsworthy topics from the cyber security industry affecting small and medium enterprises. Join our subscribers below and help us prevent cybersecurity breaches.


Issue #68 - October 23, 2023

Microsoft: 0ktapus Cyberattackers Evolve to 'Most Dangerous' Status

Source: Dark Reading

The English-speaking cyberattack group behind the MGM and Caesars Entertainment attacks is adding unique capabilities and gaining in sophistication. Prepare now, Microsoft says. "One of the most dangerous financial criminal groups" — and growing in sophistication.

That is Microsoft's assessment of the 0ktapus cyberattack collective, which was most recently in the news for carrying out the strikingly disruptive MGM and Caesars Entertainment ransomware hits.

Consumer IoT Security Labels: Transparency Push Intensifies

Source: Data Breach Today

Essential, real-time security information about every Internet of Things device should be clearly communicated to consumers before and after purchase, a consortium of technology vendors says in a list of IoT security principles.

VMware vCenter Flaw So Critical, Patches Released for End-of-Life Products

Source: Security Week

Virtualization technology powerhouse VMware is calling urgent attention to a critical remote code execution flaw haunting its vCenter Server and VMware Cloud Foundation products. The company said the vulnerability, tagged as CVE-2023-34048, allows a malicious hacker with network access to launch remote code execution exploits

Attack on Shared IT Supplier Affects 5 Hospitals in Ontario

Source: Info Risk Today

A cyberattack on a shared IT services organization is forcing five member hospitals in Ontario to cancel or reschedule patient appointments and steer nonemergency patients to other facilities.

Phish Perfect: How ChatGPT Can Help Criminals Get There

Source: Data Breach Today

ChatGPT can craft a near-perfect phishing emails in five minutes, nearly beating a social engineering team with decades of experience by several hours, a "nail-biting" experiment by IBM showed.



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