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Issue #24 - December 12, 2022

Most of the 10 largest healthcare data breaches in 2022 are tied to vendors

Source: SC Media

Ninety percent of 10 largest healthcare data breaches reported this year were caused by third-party vendors, much like in 2021. The fallout for many of these cyberattacks resulted in impacts for multiple connected providers, with two of these vendor incidents affecting hundreds of providers.

Rackspace Warns of Phishing Attempts Post-Ransomware

Source: Data Breach Today

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Rackspace for Negligence. Hosted services company Rackspace is warning customers about the increasing risk of phishing attacks following a ransomware attack causing ongoing outages to its hosted Exchange environment. Texas-based Rackspace experienced a disruption in its Microsoft email service servers that it at first described as a "security incident".

Healthcare stakeholders deem insurance, incentives key to Warner cybersecurity plan

Source: SC Media

Stakeholder groups representing tens of thousands of members and thousands of provider organizations have responded to the healthcare cybersecurity policy options from Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., fine-tuning his strong ideas for cyber insurance, incentivization programs, and other needed resource options in hopes of much-needed congressional support.

Executives are four times more likely to be victims of phishing than workers

Source: SC Media

Ivanti on Tuesday reported that despite a stunning 97% of security pros saying that their organization is now “as prepared” or “more prepared” to defend against cybersecurity attacks than they were a year ago, 1 in 5 “wouldn’t bet a chocolate bar” they could prevent a damaging breach.

The report also found that while roughly half of respondents say they are “very prepared” to meet the growing threat landscape, expected safeguards such as deprovisioning credentials are ignored one-third of the time, and nearly half say they suspect a former employee or contractor still has active access to company systems and files.

LockBit 3.0 Ransomware Threatens Health Sector, Feds Warn

Source: Data Breach Today

Latest Variant Uses Capabilities of BlackMatter, Other Malware. U.S. federal authorities are warning healthcare and public health sector organizations of attacks involving LockBit 3.0 ransomware, which includes features of other ransomware variants along with the threat of triple-extortion demands.



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