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Each week we compile an advisory on the latest threats, trends and newsworthy topics from the cyber security industry affecting small and medium enterprises. Join our subscribers below and help us prevent cybersecurity breaches.


Issue #31 - February 6, 2023

Before applying for Cyber Insurance (Video)

Source: Blue INK Security

These are 5 things you should do before applying for Cyber Insurance. Assess your risk, evaluate coverage options, review your existing policies, implement security measures, and work with a trusted advisor. More details for each in the video.

Microsoft Experiences Second Major Cloud Outage in 2 Weeks

Source: Data Breach Today

Microsoft has suffered its second major cloud outage in less than two weeks. Late Monday night in Redmond, Washington, where the technology giant is based, it reported that some services, including webmail, became inaccessible for users in North America and beyond. The outage has continued into Tuesday.

Russian Sandworm APT Adds New Wiper to Its Arsenal

Source: Gov Info Security

Military Intelligence-Linked Group Attacked Ukrainian Energy Sector Firm, Says Eset. Security researchers using telemetry from Ukraine spotted a previously unknown wiper deployed against an energy sector company in an attack they attribute to Russia's Sandworm state-sponsored hacking group.

Cyber Insurer Sees Remote Access, Cloud Databases Under Fire

Source: Data Breach Today

Criminals lately have been prioritizing two types of attacks: exploiting Remote Desktop Protocol and penetrating cloud databases. So warns cyber insurer Coalition, based on evidence collected via a year's worth of underwriting and claims data, scans of billions of IP addresses and the global network of honeypots that it runs.

BlackBasta Blamed for Global Attacks on VMware ESXi Servers

Source: Data Breach Today

Italy, Germany, France, US and Canada Investigating Hacks of Unpatched Servers. The Italian cybersecurity agency says at least a dozen hacks against unpatched VMware ESXi servers in the country are likely tied to the BlackBasta ransomware group. Investigators say the ransomware campaign may have hit thousands of organizations worldwide since Thursday.



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