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Issue #33 - February 20, 2023

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Details SMS Phishing Attacks

Source: Data Breach Today

Cryptocurrency exchange firm Coinbase disclosed that a recent hacking attempt by the threat actors suspected of being behind the Twilio hack led to a minor leak of employee data. Coinbase on Friday revealed that the hacking campaign against the company began on Feb. 5 when its employees received SMS messages requesting that they urgently log into their official email accounts to receive an important message.

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DDoS Attacks Becoming More Potent, Shorter in Duration

Source: Data Breach Today

Tech giant Microsoft says it observed distributed denial-of-services attacks become shorter in duration in 2022 while also becoming more potent and capable of larger impact. The U.S., India and East Asia topped the targeted regions for DDoS attacks, among others, and internet of things devices remained the preferred choice to launch these attacks, according to Microsoft's DDoS trends report for 2022.

GoDaddy Fingers Hacking Campaign for 3-Year Run of Breaches

Source: Data Breach Today

The Campaign Installed Malware on Internal Systems and Obtained Source Code. Internet domain registrar GoDaddy says it is the victim of a yearslong hacking campaign that installed malware on internal systems and obtained source code. In an annual disclosure to investors, the publicly traded company says a "sophisticated threat actor group" may be responsible for a run of hacking events.

Oakland Declares Emergency Following Ransomware Attack

Source: Data Breach Today

Interim City Administrator G. Harold Duffey declared the emergency on Tuesday, stating that it will allow the city to expedite its response.

The ransomware attack, detected during the night of Feb. 8, forced the closure of Oakland City Hall. The city says the attack left "several nonemergency systems including phone lines within the City of Oakland impacted or offline." The attack did not affect emergency systems, including 911 dispatch and fire services, or the city's financial systems, the city says. Oakland police have warned the attack is delaying responses to nonemergency matters.

2022 Cyberattack Has Cost CommonSpirit $150 Million So Far

Source: Data Breach Today

The ransomware incident that disrupted hospital chain CommonSpirit's operations for at least a month last fall has cost the organization $150 million in lost revenue, remediation and other expenses so far. How much of that is covered by insurance as opposed to being an out-of-pocket expense is uncertain, the company disclosed in a financial a report to investors.



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