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Each week we compile an advisory on the latest threats, trends and newsworthy topics from the cyber security industry affecting small and medium enterprises. Join our subscribers below and help us prevent cybersecurity breaches.


Issue #34 - February 27, 2023

Fruit giant Dole suffers ransomware attack impacting operation

Source: Bleeping Computer

Dole Food Company, one of the world’s largest producers and distributors of fresh fruit and vegetables, has announced that it is dealing with a ransomware attack that impacted its operations. There are few details at the moment and the company is currently investigating "the scope of the incident," noting that the impact is limited.

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LA School District Confirms Student Data Leaked in Attack

Source: Data Breach Today

The Los Angeles Unified School District confirmed that records containing mental health data and other sensitive information of about 2,000 students were among data leaked in a ransomware attack last fall by Russian hacking group Vice Society.

New HardBit 2.0 Ransomware Tactics Target Insurance Coverage

Source: Data Breach Today

Hackers Demand Info on Victim's Cyber Insurance Policy to Negotiate Ransom Demand. A newly uncovered ransomware group is employing previously unseen extortion tactics - demanding to know the victim's cyber insurance coverage - to extort millions of dollars in ransom.

2 Health Data Hacks Affect More Than 1 Million Individuals

Source: Healthcare Info Security

New Jersey Healthcare System and Alabama Cardiac Care Clinic Are Notifying Patients. Two recent separate hacking incidents involving attackers stealing copies of protected health information have affected more than 1 million patients of a New Jersey healthcare system and an Alabama cardiovascular clinic.

US Marshals Service target of 'major' cyber-attack

Source: BBC News

The agency responsible for pursuing fugitives and handling federal prisons in the US has been hit by a ransomware attack. Officials at the US Marshals Service (USMS) said on Monday that the breach compromised sensitive law enforcement information. The attack was described as a "major incident" that only targeted the USMS.



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