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Rapidly address critical security control gaps with our preventative solutions. Delivered by our expert team and aligned to the security control standards required by leading cyber insurance brokers and carriers.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds additional protection to a  traditional password login. It is one of the most critical  security controls to prevent unauthorized access. Partner with Blue INK Security to implement MFA on all your business-critical systems and services. 

Our team will guide selecting the best-fit MFA option for your organization and technology environment. We will implement and configure the solution to prevent unauthorized access to your systems.  

  • Identify MFA requirements.

  • Guide selection of the MFA technical solution. 

  • Manage MFA implementation.

  • Assist with 3rd party systems integration. 

  • Support MFA rollout, education and go-live.

You will receive an MFA selection criteria and a deployment plan along with your implementation and support documentation. 

Blue INK Security is uniquely qualified to implement MFA to securely access your IT, OT and IoT environments and to help you meet industry standards and cyber insurance requirements. 

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