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Discover your Attack Surface assets that are accessible from the internet. Our Risk Assessments will identify potentially vulnerable assets and provide actionable recommendations for solutions to mitigate threats and address security control gaps.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Get a cyber risk assessment by partnering with Blue INK Security to proactively identify security gaps in your environment and to build a comprehensive security strategy that scales with your growing attack surface.

Our team will identify the direct threats to your attack surface and help to prioritize the right security controls to prevent them. 

  • Discover your external systems.​

  • Identify security threats and exposures.​

  • Prioritize and mitigate control gaps.

You will receive a cyber risk dashboard with a prioritized view of security control gaps based on your attack surface exposure. Each gap will include a recommended mitigation solution.


Blue INK Security is uniquely qualified to assess cyber risk across your IT, OT and IoT assets and help you meet specific standards and cyber insurance requirements. 

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