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Issue #74 - December 4, 2023

Cybercriminals conduct ransomware attack, causing outages at 60 credit unions, federal agency says

Source: ABC News

About 60 credit unions in the United States are experiencing outages because of a ransomware attack on an IT provider the institutions use, according to a federal agency. On Friday, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), the agency that insures deposits at federally insured credit unions, said in a statement to ABC News that it was "coordinating with affected credit unions" in the wake of the hack.

21 Vulnerabilities in Sierra Wireless Routers Could Expose Critical Infrastructure to Attacks

Source: Security Week

Some Sierra Wireless cellular routers are affected by 21 vulnerabilities, including ones that could pose a significant risk to impacted organizations, including in critical infrastructure sectors, according to network security and risk management company Forescout. 

23andMe Says Hackers Saw Data From Millions of Users

Source: Security Week

Personal genetics firm 23andMe on Tuesday confirmed that hackers using stolen passwords accessed the personal information about 6.9 million of its members. While the hackers were only able to get into about 14,000 accounts, or 0.1 percent of its customers, they were able to see information shared by genetically linked relatives at 23andMe, a spokesperson said in reply to an AFP inquiry.

Schools in Maine, Indiana and Georgia contend with ransomware attacks

Source: The Record

Colleges and K-12 schools in several states are dealing with ransomware incidents causing outages and leaking sensitive data — a continuation of a trend that has affected campuses nationwide throughout the year.

Hackers Hit Medical Imaging Services Centers in NY, Texas

Source: Data Breach Today

A New York medical imaging services provider is notifying nearly 606,000 individuals that their information was potentially accessed and copied in a recent hacking incident. The entity is one of several medical imaging centers that have reported major hacking breaches in recent weeks and months.



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