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Certify your cybersecurity maturity by receiving a third-party independent attestation of your security controls meeting standards. Communicate with your clients, partners and stakeholders with clear, fact-based certificates reflecting the current state of security controls implementation. 

Simplify Communication.

There is a significant disparity in the language used by business leaders, IT personnel, and insurance providers when it comes to articulating cybersecurity requirements. This can result in a lack of clarity and understanding, which in turn may pose a significant challenge to the effective implementation of cybersecurity risk management within an organization. Communicate your security maturity more clearly, eliminate guess work, and know exactly what the recipient is expecting.

Build Trust by Clarity.

Effective communication is vital to all industries and stakeholders, especially cyber security and cyber insurance, where small mistakes can cost your business. Describing the current state of security controls to internal stakeholders at regulated universities, or banks, or healthcare institutions can change the course of coverage or lead to penalties.


Insurance carries, brokers, but also investors and regulators will make vital decisions and expect accurate reports of your security controls. Clarity in communication promotes transparency, helps to establish trust, and ensures that all parties are on the same page, which ultimately leads to more predictable outcomes.

At a Glance.

Communicate the state of your security control with a one-page dashboard of all relevant control points and their implementation progress. Demonstrate with confidence what is in place and to what extent, along with our third-party independent attestation in a form of a time-bound certificate. Eliminate the never-ending follow up questions and clarifications, instead focus on building trust and long-term relationships. 


Our team has extensive experience working with cyber insurance and understands cyber insurance expectations to bridge the gap with clear, fact-based communication. Blue INK Security offers unparalleled access to cyber security and cyber insurance expertise.

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